Repair Requests

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 Entry Date ZIP / Postal Code Make Model Year Type of Work
October 15, 2021Dn146jlVAUXHALLINSIGNIA SRI VX-LINE CDTI AUTO2015Service
October 14, 2021FK2 9AGMechanical Repair
October 13, 2021DL3 6AUVAUXHALLASTRA LIFE2005Mechanical Repair
October 12, 2021M201bjHONDAJAZZ I-VTEC ES2010Mobile Mechanic
October 11, 2021AL10 9QJFIATPUNTO EVO SPORTING M-AIR2011Mechanical Repair
October 8, 2021yo71jtPEUGEOTBOXER 330 SWB2010Mobile Mechanic
October 7, 2021W23rrCHEVROLETSPARK PLUS2011Mechanical Repair
October 7, 2021NG16 1AFNISSANJUKE ACENTA DCI2012Mechanical Repair
October 6, 2021NG9 1GPFORDFOCUS ZETEC 1002009Mechanical Repair
October 5, 2021L96ebBMW316D SE AUTO2013MOT
October 2, 2021CV2 5HABMW520D M SPORT AUTO2009Body Repair
October 2, 2021CV2 5HABMW520D M SPORT AUTO2009Body Repair
October 2, 2021S64 8QSRENAULTTRAFIC LL29 SPORT ENERGY DCI2016Diagnose/Electrical
September 28, 2021TA42TPMINIMINI ONE2005Diagnose/Electrical
September 27, 2021SG6 1AYDACIASANDERO STEPWAY AMBIANCE TCE2015Mechanical Repair
September 25, 2021Ig74eyFORDFOCUS ZETEC 1002009Mechanical Repair
September 20, 2021So16 4azMOT
September 14, 2021HD7 6LAIVECODAILY 35S11 MWB2011Diagnose/Electrical
September 14, 2021EX15 1HJKIARIO 2 ECODYNAMICS CRDI2012Mechanical Repair
September 14, 2021CH66 2TLCITROENC3 PICASSO AIRDREAM+ HDI2010Mechanical Repair
September 12, 2021Sw12 0etBMWX1 XDRIVE20D XLINE2012Mechanical Repair
September 10, 2021CM2 7DDNISSANQASHQAI ACENTA PREMIUM DCI2014Diagnose/Electrical
September 10, 2021Eh5 2gjVOLKSWAGENLUPO SE 50 BHP2003Mechanical Repair
September 9, 2021DE223RGMERCEDESC200 SPORT CDI A2007Mechanical Repair
September 9, 2021OX15 4fpBMW120D SPORT AUTO2012Mobile Mechanic
 Entry Date ZIP / Postal Code Make Model Year Type of Work